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I am a fully INDEPENDENT mobile saddle fitter

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am not allowed to take the Master saddlers, fitting exam for the following reasons, first applied in 1991!

Because I am Mobile and I do not make saddles.

You may do well to note they have revoked many qualifications because of complaints for ill fitting and problems. (What can you possibly learn in 4 days?) I have many years experience in correct fittings, having been fitting saddles since 1987.

There is so much rubbish written about fitting - The best is Master saddlers excuse: the horse changes shape!

I can fit by eye but totally analysed my way of fitting to fine tune it; fitting is a logical process. 14,000 horses now looked at for saddle fit in lifetime, selling 85% USED saddles. This must tell you something. I only sell saddles. 2 in 4 of my callouts is recommended.

Try me and see!

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