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New and Used Saddles for Sale

No longer fitting.   Sorry i do  have saddles for sale still and will start to list them shortly on saddles page.
The business is for sale to include transit van and stock.
Offers invited
 Large stock of USED carried 80+ Have your horse move freely in balance.
It is not necessary to have a new saddle for it to be correct and fit and improve horse by regaining his natural shape.
Fitting  is what counts every time> level and in balance. This can alter with riding and a monthly check by any owner should be made to see if  this statement is still true> level pommel to cantle in ridden walk, then you cannot damage his topline! 

Ridden in wrong saddle

Ridden in wrong saddle 2 years - day corrected, first ride


After 4 months in balanced correct saddle

After 4 months! in balanced correct saddle.

  Saddles and fitting comprise 3 elements

Sore backs are caused by many reasons, some not even saddle caused.   However this is rare if show respect for your horse getting used to his different saddle and take it slowly

The horse has to move without restriction, with correct tracking up movement.

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A good horse, a balanced saddle and you can ride correctly without effort.

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If the saddle is pommel low, opposed to level with cantle, after 15 minutes in ridden walk?  Then you have a problem! May only need to  top up flocking?

Blood is prevented from circulating in the weight bearing muscle (Compressed by rider weight and time) preventing blood flow (energy and oxygen)  full pressure squashing out blood over time or by heavy localized weight, after 15mins of crushing weight, the blood trying to feed these areas cut off then  the muscle fibres give up, muscle fibres die. 

Do you think all horses have high prominent withers especially as they get older? Do you really know definition of wither or are you looking at atrophy?

Damage is done with wide fitted saddles in as little as 4 weeks on a weak previously non weight bearing set of muscle. These saddles (all too common today through ill fitting) "tip" Forward and put all weight behind shoulder rotation point ! So how can he move? You have probably blocked his rotation point so when he does move the tree points poke in his shoulder and can damage cartilage on edge of scapula,  would you like it?

Why is he carrying his head high or head shaking? Best time to fit a level correct saddle is before breaking or when just off grass Or asap as soon as you recognize a problem.  Very fit horses have no fat under skin and sometimes experience discomfort when a level fitting is done as they have to balance your weight in a different, but correct way, carrying it spread evenly and balanced over 4 legs. Many riders expect instant change!  its slow but has dramatic effects on both your riding and his general appearance and movement over all, but over time.

There is only 1" in tree width sizes From N >W How can you see that when tree points are concealed, judging by eye,  You have to measure.

What is Medium wide? I am quite sure I have NO idea whatsoever every maker is different  Tree points must match rotation points (hence skeletal shape) to sit still and correctly.

Never believe size on saddle, with new concept of "saddle vices" which will damage front arch (a good thing condoned by SMS Fitters i don't think so!) then sizes printed on saddle or bar can no longer be believed.

What is "looks right"? >3" above withers -what rubbish is that! different weights of rider, carried different times, with fat without fat, weak muscle, no muscle tired muscle into a ride,  WILL all be different heights but must clear shoulder at rotation points not only at wither.

Too long and damages kidney! what Proof (there is none) - western saddles, long easily carried endurance saddles SPREAD the weight, easier to carry. You are sat on the muscles that hold the horse together and move to contract and stretch, if you are on his ribs you should pad up well , until this muscle recovers and gets strong. little and often riding, to build strength.

Everyone fits for the wrong reasons without knowing any physiology of the horse or understanding of the horses movement? or the way his muscles carry you.

 See my FAQ page "Saddles and balance".  Watch a few stripped off show class winners this season - They move best BECAUSE THEY CAN! They have full undamaged topline muscles to move correctly. A saddle that does not interfere with rotation movement (tree is well above, not sitting close to withers ).
 Learn to recognize a good topline. A topline builds only by normal level weight carrying, and with oxygenated blood pumping through in normal hacking. It has to build its strength to carry even weight. lunging in a pessoa whatever, will not help a weight bearing muscle get stronger or allow correct 'true' movement.

Stephens geleze wither pads / full pads, are the invention of this last century to restore topline with continuous massage, as you ride!. THAT and a correct sized saddle that sits ridden level.

No need for dropped panels anymore, These just stop muscle re-development, in a very important area of horse muscle for self carriage.

A Selection of used and new and excellent value saddles. Some end of designs. some ex demonstrators. Some saddles barely 3 months use.

If your saddle is not level, you cannot be riding in balance! you will not be able to sit in correct position, or help or communicate with your horse. You will notice the difference if your saddle has been wrong when given the chance to ride on a correct fit. Your horse will improve in movement, topline, tracking up and rear end muscle development, and WILL move more freely.
 Problems that occur are mainly the result of the previous ill-fitted saddle, and the adjustment of the horse to carrying the weight "correctly" now, which has to be a gentle experience because his muscles on his back will not be fit, as the balance is shifted.

Saddles carried Modenq

(traditional saddles only - no synthetics or adjustable!)

Please view our Guide on Saddle Fit and why it may be your saddle, and not you, affecting performance. Are you getting the best from your horse?

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